12 August 2006

Quick Thoughts

Aren't these Big Media and related memes sort of amusing?

That whenever anything political happens, such as Lieberman's defeat, it's so necessary to get the GOP point of view of the significance to the Dems? How about maybe getting the Dems' story?

And the GOP and BM criticism, well, kind of cute -- that it's always bad when the Dems act like an opposition party instead of a mirror or clone of the GOP. It's kind of sweet when the GOP predicts defeat for the Dems whenever they stray from the GOP party line.

I'm as pessimistic as the next guy about victory in November but I'm required to make this historical note: 1994 was not predicted and we have an electorate that is quite opposed to about every %^&#ing policy of Our Leaders so who knows what the future will bring....


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