25 August 2006

Why America is Loved and Envied Throughtout the World; Another Great Leap Forward

From SlashDot:

"The New York Times reports that the Evolution biology subject has disappeared from a list of acceptable fields of study for recipients of a federal education grant for low-income college students. The Education department has described this as a Clerical Mistake but others are skeptical about this. 'Scientists who knew about the omission also said they found the clerical explanation unconvincing, given the furor over challenges by the religious right to the teaching of evolution in public schools. "It's just awfully coincidental," said Steven W. Rissing, an evolutionary biologist at Ohio State University.'"

As someone who made use of one of those grants to study Evolutionary Biology, I find this more than a little galling.

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And this is a big part of the problem: the government is full of these little America-hating radical nutjobs, like growing cancer cells. It's not just our treasonous leaders but works all the way down. It's almost enough to make revolution look like an option....


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