14 September 2006

The Collapse of American Society Continues Thanks to the Leadership of Anti-American Traitors

Senate Judiciary Committee legalizes illegal wiretaps. (The good news is the bill is probably Constitutionally defective -- as soon as we find a plaintiff with standing and get five Supreme Court justices that, like, respect and are willing to uphold the Constitution.)

What are we getting out the Iraq debacle? Well besides kicking French and Russian oil companies out of the Kurd region so American-based Big Oil can take over, we've created an ally for Iran. (Speaking of which, Sid Blumenthal describes our successes in Baghdad. And we don't have enough personel on the ground to do the job -- imagine that!

Diebold still continues to debase free elections -- amazing was a little well-placed bribery can accomplish.... (Apparently their machines are actually seriously undependable! Imagine that! (The study that proves how bad it actually is is here -- mindblowing!))

Microwave weapons to be "tested" on Americans before being deployed overseas. We're all guinea pigs....

California supports political bias in textbooks.

And all Our Leader can do to increase his popularity ratings is, um, well, he can't lead by initiating popular policies and programs and stuff so all he can do is relentlessly lie and divide (see this too) -- and a majority still doesn't think very much of him, still thinks he sucks.


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