17 September 2006

George Allen -- This Wingnut Only Gets Scummier and Scummier....

When are we going to revolt against modern GOP leadership??
Deep down in the article, the piece quotes Allen waxing contemplative about his learning process about referring to non-whites with racial epithets ....

I've learned a valuable lesson about the power of words, about how words carelessly chosen, or in my case, even made up, can have a totally unintended meaning and impact for another person from another background or from a different cultural perspective.
This, of course, is a reference to his calling the Webb campaign volunteer "Macaca".

But let's review. We know that not only is "macaca" a widely used racial epithet in American crypto-racist and white supremacist circles. Its apparent origin is among the colonial population of francophone North Africa -- where Allen's mother was raised.

Now, call me ungenerous, but given those facts, the idea that "macaca" was simply three syllables Allen randomly strung together when digging at a dark-skinned young man who was getting on his nerves just doesn't strike me as credible.

I don't expect Allen to admit now that rather than make this name up it was a synonym for the N-word that he was fond of when he was a kid. But he's practically begging for renewed attention to this transparent lie by weaving it, again and again, into his strained apologies.


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