08 October 2006

The GOP House's Moral Exemplary System for Dealing with Ethical Issues

Is it clear yet that these moral exemplars are just bullsh!tting hypocrites?

The General, of all people, lays it out:
Doc Hastings
US House of Representatives (R-WA)

Dear Doc,

A lot of people were worried when you took over the helm of the Ethics Committee. Tom Delay was under state and federal investigation for corruption at the time, and the names of other GOP congressmen, like Ney, Doolittle, Pombo, Cunningham, and Harris were popping up in investigations as well. Everybody was wondering what you'd do. Would you launch ethics investigations against them, or would you ignore their crimes in a Predatorgate-like display of craven partisanship.

How did you respond? You launched an investigation against Demoslamunist Rep. Jim McDermott for releasing a tape of a phone call in 1994--a tape in which Newt Gingrich and Rep. John Boehner are caught plotting to subvert an ethics investigation against Gingrich.

You'd think that'd be enough work for an ethics committee during a session, but now you're catching criticism for doing too little. People wonder how Ney and DeLay could be indicted and Cunningham convicted without an ethics investigation against them being initiated.
The GOPers must thank God that their Christofascist supporters are faith-based, not reality-based....


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