05 October 2006

Really, Really Funny Quote for the Day

Always wondered how the wingnuts can crank out their patent dishonesty. What kind of dysfunctional morality lets them do it? I mean, how can one be an Ann Coulter, for example? It's certainly not ignorance? Intoxicated by the available wealth? Is it a matter of intoxicants? Booze? Drugs? The mise-en-scene, the modern gestalt?

Example: Someone was able to write the following with a straight face, presumably, and it was run in the Journal:
What the Holocaust demonstrates is the danger of a one-party state. It shows what can happen when a group of true believers, convinced of the superiority of their own ideas, have unchecked power. They are then free to rewrite history to suit their political ends, and crush those who disagree or protest . . . or who worship God in a different way.

Like, say, the mullahs in Iran.
Or, obviously, Our Leaders. Neither country is running a Final Solution but just how far are we from being a de facto theocracy?



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