19 August 2006


Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson: "That's, I think, the $64,000 question. And as I've thought about it, I think a big part of it relates to the fact that many Americans aren't feeling the benefit, because they are clearly better off as a result of a strong economic growth and job creation. They're much better off than they would be if the economy were growing slower or weren't growing. But many of the Americans aren't feeling it in terms of their own economic situation. Part of this is a result of energy costs, healthcare, and so that's -- as I said, that's part of it.

"I would be optimistic that if we can keep the job creation, keep making new jobs and productivity levels high, that you're going to see wage growth follow this. And we've seen some encouraging signs if you look over the last couple quarters. And that's part of it."

Emphasis added.

Only two major lies. (I say lies because I must assume the former head of Goldman Sachs knws at least as much about things economic as I.

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Meanwhile, the world's bloggingest blogger gives us this example of rightist profundity:

George F. Will discusses the British terrorist bust and what it may mean to us. One of the things he thinks it means is that John Kerry was right when he said that although the war on terror will be "occasionally military," it is "primarily an intelligence and law enforcement operation that requires cooperation around the world." Of course, when Kerry said that, no Conservative — not even Mr. Will — would view it as anything other than some sort of admission of weakness.
No shame....


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