26 August 2006

So the Theory is that We Pushed Israel into the Lebanon Disaster as a Test for Our Air War Against Iran

Parsing the headline from the end: We don't have the military ability to attack any other way, cetainly don't have the resources for a ground war.

As for the beginning of the headline:

There is increasing evidence that Israel instigated a disastrous war on Lebanon largely at the behest of the United States. The Bush administration was set on crippling Hezbollah, the radical Shiite political movement that maintains a sizable block of seats in the Lebanese parliament. Taking advantage of the country's democratic opening after the forced departure of Syrian troops last year, Hezbollah defied U.S. efforts to democratize the region on American terms. The populist party's unwillingness to disarm its militia as required by UN resolution--and the inability of the pro-Western Lebanese government to force them to do so--led the Bush administration to push Israel to take military action.

That's only the beginning; it continues here.


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