17 September 2006

Have We Already Won the Total War Against Terror?

Or, I should qualify that: Have we won the TWAT to the extent that it can be at least reasonably controlled? I mean, as we have learned from the intifida, it can never be stopped completely as long as there are a couple of dedicated crazies.

Boasting about the success of covert successes is not cool or productive. On top of that, acknowledging that covert means has accomplished anything is also against Our Leaders' policies. It would undercut the fandango in Iraq as well as the administration's bashing of the intelligence apparatus. And of course it would severely limit the ability to play the fear card. And without that, the GOP leadership has absolutely nothing of a platform other than Karl Rove's blackmail and slime tactics.

That said, here's an article I've yet to even parse that I suspect touches on the premise.... And look: Here's wingnut that kind of agrees, it seems.


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