16 September 2006

How Bad is He?

Personally, I'm not much of one of those personality cult kind of guys. W isn't real Our Leader so much as he acts the part for the various nutjobs (mis-)running (and destroying) this country. Literally as a leader, he isn't very much of one. And as a leader, he really is quite the failure.

So all that notwithstanding, Sid Blumenthal has was what we in the litigation business could call quite the detailed bill of particulars of Our Leader's nigh-countless failings. It is so good, one wants to run the entire piece....

But let's leave it with the last paragraph, and the thought for the day and beyond:

The tragedy that Theodore Roosevelt described is not reserved in its broad dimensions to Britain. Roosevelt wrote his history as a lesson for Americans, who had been spared the travesties of the English revolution. Instead of Cromwell, we had had Washington. Ultimately, a people are responsible for its leaders. Bush's legacy will encompass a crisis over democracy that only the American people can resolve.


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